We use a specialised process called transesterification to recycle unwanted cooking oil and fat waste.

Our proven and cutting-edge technology converts the unwanted waste into premium biodiesel, which reduces greenhouse emissions by up to 85% compared to fossil diesel.

As well as lowering your carbon footprint and costs by recycling cooking oil waste with Oleo, our end-to-end service gives you the peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that you’re disposing of waste in the greenest way possible.

Cooking oil and waste collection: the step-by-step guide


Oleo collections are bespoke to your business needs. Our standard collection service, provided by your local Oleo depot, provides you with free bespoke, leak-proof bins.


The dedicated Oleo fleet schedules collections to your timetable, from daily to ad hoc. Round Optimisation software ensures collections are reliable and environmentally friendly.


Instead of emptying bins on-site, we replace full bins with empty sanitised ones to meet the highest level of biosecurity and save you the cost of maintaining them yourself.

All collections and disposals are fully compliant and fully traceable for your peace of mind.


Open all year round, our secure plant uses transesterification technology to recycle the cooking oil waste into premium grade biodiesel.