Redefining cooking oil recycling

Established in seven countries, Oleo leads Europe in used cooking oil and fat recycling. Our safe, secure, closed-loop, end-to-end solution provides businesses, regardless of size, with a sustainable and legally compliant waste disposal service. Using Oleo reduces your carbon footprint, lowers your overall waste disposal costs and improves your green credentials.

We combine the best available knowledge and technology, as well as decades of experience in environmentally sustainable practices, to achieve a superior recycling service to private and public sectors right across the United Kingdom. What’s more, our state-of-the-art processing and refinery facilities enable us to produce renewable energy as well as premium grade biodiesel, which emits up to 85% fewer greenhouse emissions than fossil fuel.

A new and better way to recycle your used cooking oil and fats.

We guarantee your oil waste will be handled professionally – efficiently, sustainably and responsibly


Why Oleo?

As the experts in sustainable waste management, we offer a range of specialised services that set us apart from others in our sector.


A name you can count on

We’re proud to be a part of SARIA, the European leading specialists in foodchain recycling and renewable energy.