You can order a wide range of liquid and solid vegetable oils and beef dripping direct from our sister company T. Quality. Established in the 1920’s, T. Quality is now acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading national foodservice suppliers and wholesalers to sectors including fish and chip shops, fast food takeaways, pubs and restaurants, hospitality and the public sector.


T. Quality are a fully integrated, multiple-sited company, offering a national delivery service and a depot Call and Collect service with sites across the country. T. Quality is perfectly placed to offer fantastic customer service, quality products, and strong national brands.
Order and delivery of products couldn’t be easier. Direct to your door deliveries are made by a modern fleet of lorries with dual compartments, meeting all the stringent legislation with regard to non-frozen and frozen food supply. With T. Quality you are guaranteed local, efficient, friendly and reliable service.


To see the full range of quality fats & oils click here.
You can download their product catalogue here.


If you need help in deciding which product is best for your needs, call the T. Quality customer care team on 0330 1243707.